Friday, May 1, 2009

Coyle & Sharpe- Audio Visionaries (Street Pranks And Put-Ons) (2000, Thirsty Ear)

James P. Coyle and Mal Sharpe called these man-on-the-street interviews "terrorizations." Armed with the Mohawk, a steel tape recorder measuring approximately 3" X 12" hidden in a briefcase with a small hole cut out the top, Coyle and Sharpe wandered San Francisco planting the briefcase on store countertops, and recording candid conversations. When they started their show, Coyle and Sharpe on the Loose on KGO radio in San Francisco, they stopped hiding the Mohawk and simply approached people on the street. This album comprises of exerpts from this period. For more information on their life and work, look here.


  1. Can we get C + S's "On The Loose" up here in this Garage?

  2. No luck finding "On the Loose" or the box set "These 2 Men Are Impostors." I'll post them as soon as they're found.