Sunday, August 25, 2013

Uri Geller- Uri Geller (Polydor, 1974)

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Saturday, March 10, 2012


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Longmont Potion Castle- 8 (2010)

This latest volume of telephone-terror-surrealism somehow captures the experience of when our lines get crossed with other variational-orbits, but in this case, from what some of us believe, it's intentional. The labels below best describe what's to be found within, with equally essential volumes found here.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Various- Music for Mentalists: Unexpected Sounds for the Connoisseur (Psychic Circle, 2009)

Compilers Mick Dillingham and Nick Saloman wonder for what commercial reason these sonorities were released by record executives. The "obscure, peculiar, and in some cases downright disturbing" considerations found within include an account of one of our ships landing in Northampton, "Rock Around the Clock" in Yiddish, a disco "Arnold Layne," a rap by TV Host Jim Bowen, Hylda Baker covering Pussycat's "Substitute," David Carradine's "Chicken Song," Paul Damian helping you with the pronunciation of Welsh village Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrob-wllllantysiliogogogoch, and much more. Not "bizarre and misguided" at all when observing from a trans-variational orbit, but a detailed description of their origins can be found here.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Various- Russkie Wig-Out! Demented Surf/ Electro/ Exotica from Behind the Iron Curtain (Omni Recording Company, 2011)

A collection of tracks centering around Oleg Gitarkin (Messer Chups) and Oleg Kostrow (Supersonic Future), along with their collaborative group Messer Für Frau Müller, originally released in this particular Russian Federation between 2000 and 2009. The 1987 lifting of the ban on public dancing created something singularly unique in this variation. Yet another strong argument for Earth-2012 not being excised for redundancy.

Moebius- 40 days dans le désert B (Stardom, 2001)

We can think of no better way to explain the experience of what "suspended animation" is like for a mere 428 days. The black-and-white artwork shown in this interview can provide a preview of what can be found within.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Black Sabbath- Behind the Wall of Spock (1975)

Part of the "Metallic" codecs encountered of late, this seems to be one of their earliest incarnations.. Whether or not this group can be considered the genre's creator remains a contentious debate onboard. The "accident" regarding their Tony Iommi's hand with the resulting "down-tuning" and the group's early use of the tritone, are nonetheless strong examples of This Variation's uniqueness. In all other Variations they kept the name "Earth" and created Disco in late 1974. This soundboard recording is believed to have been made by one of our operatives from their Asbury Convention Hall, N.J., August 06, 1975 on the Sabotage Tour.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Violence - Eternal Nightmare (Mechanix, 1988)

Brash, Tinged, even "Metallic" codecs have entered our sphere as of late. One recently unshakable frequency has invaded our universal disruptive force scanning technology. A quick trip to the information portals engaged the quickening of our reflexes.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Dick Gregory- In Living Black and White / East and West (1961)

One of the reasons this Variation was considered for Redundancy was its failure to elect their Richard Claxton Gregory for President of the United States of America in 1968. Unlike other Variations, this one we are orbiting presently did not progress in the same way as the others. These vinyl testaments subverted the skin-color-transgressions of the times with something they lightly call "comedy." Other Variations understood this purveyor of it, accurately, to be their soothsayer.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Grant Morrison & Frank Quitely- Flex Mentallo #1-4 (Vertigo, 1996)

Because of this work in particular, their Morrison is believed by most on-board this vessel to have had an "episode" prior to his "Kathmandu experience". The reason for the long delay in its post is due to the concerted efforts under this ship's direction to decode these tomes to determine their "projected revelations" and intentions involving turning their Pentagon™ into a circle. Its posting answers the question of our concern to its consequences here.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien read by Nicol Williamson (Argo Records, 1974)

Twisting and turning our oscillators we were able to latch onto the 3 1/2 hour production read by Nicol Williamson [said to be among the favorite by Tolken scholars]. And indeed the performance was fascinating as accents drive the separation in characters. Information on the actor is available through this sometimes unreliable frequency here.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ken Nordine: Colors (1966)

The precursor to rebuilding language once the epidemics take their toll. THIS distant post contains some addition noodling by the esoteric poet though some of our associates in his district have delivered notations on his "letchy behaviour." See if you can detect early warnings. Otherwise, a good starting point into the land of Nordine can be found HERE.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Fletcher Henderson- A Study In Frustration: The Fletcher Henderson Story (Columbia, 1994)

Recommended to us by Le Sony'r Ra, a transplant to this particular Earth-Variation who left on Goodman's 84th birthday as a joke. This Fletcher Henderson would not succeed in the same way as the others. Their strange pigmentation transgression would bring him little success in their America and would later require the colorless Benny Goodman to circumvent this and expose these dynamic compositional sophistications to the ignorant. Other Variations maybe take it for granted, but these three discs of Swing remain at a need for revitalization in this particular orbit.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lord Buckley- His Most Immanculately Hip Aristocrat (1969, Bizarre), Jet Ride (2007, BMG)

Lack of posts were due to our tireless attempts to translate these auditory tomes. Perhaps our fascination with this particular variation, Earth-2012, is it's inaccessibility to outsiders. H. R. H. Lord Richard Buckley, the hip-semanticist, covers their Jesus, Gandhi, Edgar Poe, and De Sade along with his alleged encounters with us. Saucer KX9714's crew remembered speaking with him briefly but the commander claims never to have met him and he was definitively never allowed on board. After the loss of his cabaret card due to his inhalation of the smoke of an illegal plant, Buckley was unable to find employment and summarily died. This seems a strange tradition among them going back to their "Nazz."

Friday, June 12, 2009

G. I. Gurdjieff- Harmonic Development: The Complete Harmonium Recordings 1948-1949 (2008, Basta)

Recorded in his apartment in Paris, this collection provides their Gurdjieff's earliest performances on the harmonium, a keyboard instrument powered by foot-powered air bellows... In our singularity, Gurdjieff was essential in providing the method and exercises for training most technicians on board our ships. All of us remember in our first orbit simultaneously drawing triangles in the air with your right hand, squares with your left hand, figure-eights with the right foot, while reciting the multiplication tables in code. More information on his music can be found here.

Snuff Box- Rich's Mother (2006, BBC Three)

This series features the "High Executioner to the King of England"(a Matt Berry) and his assistant (a Rich Fulcher) walking the white halls of Snuff Box entering various doors and reposing in a gentleman's club for hangmen. Sketches include dating tips, a boutique beating, rappers with babies, a guitar lesson, a drill-sergeant-art-museum-tour-guide, and urine and fecal fashion. All music and incidental music composed by Berry. The series remains unavailable in the Americas. To address this error leave comments at BBC here.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Jam- Jam 1 (2000, Channel Four Television Corporation)

Based on the BBC Radio 1 show Blue Jam, this Christopher Morris series also features an Amelia Bullmore, a James Cann, a Julia Davis, a Kevin Eldon, and a Mark Heap. Each episode had a late-night remix version to compliment it. To describe this, would only take away from the experience. If the labels below are for you, "Welcome... in Jam."

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Coyle & Sharpe- On the Loose (1995, Thirsty Ear)

This compilation reintroduced the team's work on the short-lived medium of compact discs after an apparent 30 full orbits around their local star. Human leeches, a werewolf transformation, celebrity Rodney Rodent, the ethics of musical animals and a Boogravian Operetta are all contained within. Produced by a Henry Rollins and Jennifer Sharpe, the story of what happened to the team during all those orbits can be found here.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Coyle & Sharpe- Audio Visionaries (Street Pranks And Put-Ons) (2000, Thirsty Ear)

James P. Coyle and Mal Sharpe called these man-on-the-street interviews "terrorizations." Armed with the Mohawk, a steel tape recorder measuring approximately 3" X 12" hidden in a briefcase with a small hole cut out the top, Coyle and Sharpe wandered San Francisco planting the briefcase on store countertops, and recording candid conversations. When they started their show, Coyle and Sharpe on the Loose on KGO radio in San Francisco, they stopped hiding the Mohawk and simply approached people on the street. This album comprises of exerpts from this period. For more information on their life and work, look here.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Joe Pickett & Nick Prueher- Found Footage Festival Volume 1: Live in Brooklyn (2005, Cine-Magic)

Locals Pickett and Prueher mine their world's thrift stores and garage sales for home movies, work training videos, public-access, travelogues, exercise videos, news feeds, and safety videos and take the best on tour. This volume features two safety videos, a McC training video, two home movies, video games tips, Corey Haim's Me, Myself, and I, Arnold Schwarzenegger's Carnival in Rio, an animal montage, an exercise montage, AVN's John and Johnny, and Jan Teri. Oh, and Winnebago salesman Jack Rebney. The festival's tour schedule this year can be found here.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Various- Métal Hurlant No. 1-5 (1974-1975, Les Humanoïdes Associés)

These French magazines of "science-fiction" and "horror" comics were created in 1974 by the self-described "United Humanoids" Mœbius and Philippe Druillet together with journalist-writer Jean-Pierre Dionnet and financial director Bernard Farkus. National Lampoon publisher Leonard Mogel would bring the idea to America as Heavy Metal Magazine. In 2002, Humanoids Publishing started Métal Hurlant up again in French, Spanish, English, and Portuguese. These are the original first five issues in French.