Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lord Buckley- His Most Immanculately Hip Aristocrat (1969, Bizarre), Jet Ride (2007, BMG)

Lack of posts were due to our tireless attempts to translate these auditory tomes. Perhaps our fascination with this particular variation, Earth-2012, is it's inaccessibility to outsiders. H. R. H. Lord Richard Buckley, the hip-semanticist, covers their Jesus, Gandhi, Edgar Poe, and De Sade along with his alleged encounters with us. Saucer KX9714's crew remembered speaking with him briefly but the commander claims never to have met him and he was definitively never allowed on board. After the loss of his cabaret card due to his inhalation of the smoke of an illegal plant, Buckley was unable to find employment and summarily died. This seems a strange tradition among them going back to their "Nazz."

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