Monday, May 10, 2010

Black Sabbath- Behind the Wall of Spock (1975)

Part of the "Metallic" codecs encountered of late, this seems to be one of their earliest incarnations.. Whether or not this group can be considered the genre's creator remains a contentious debate onboard. The "accident" regarding their Tony Iommi's hand with the resulting "down-tuning" and the group's early use of the tritone, are nonetheless strong examples of This Variation's uniqueness. In all other Variations they kept the name "Earth" and created Disco in late 1974. This soundboard recording is believed to have been made by one of our operatives from their Asbury Convention Hall, N.J., August 06, 1975 on the Sabotage Tour.

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  1. This particular codec seems to include an interesting tangential glitch, which unusually enhances the performance of this archival recording. Apparently, the vocalist encountered a cortex malfunction which produced the effect of his repeating the phrase/mantra/command, "We love you!" dozens of times throughout this event. And we here onboard the Centauri love that as well.