Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Madlib - Speto da Rua: Dirty Brasilian Crates Vol. 1 (2008, Mochilla)

This is his latest and very difficult to find on blogs because Madlib and/or his crew are some of the most diligent at making them take down his stuff. Hip Hop Is Read had to remove the sample set for Madvilliany because he hadn't cleared all the samples. Doesn't this just reek of hypocrisy? Anyway, despite this, he's one of my favorites. From the Mochilla website:"In 2007 Madlib went with the Mochilla crew to Recife in the Northeast of Brazil. After spending three weeks there he came home and made six mixes. He named them Dirty Brasilian Crates Vol.1– 6. They are filled with jumps, cross referenced with Bossa, notated with Folkloric chants, pointed with Jazz. Lyrical, dirty and strikingly beautiful this is Volume 1." For an example of the Lord Quas blogapocalypse see here.


  1. what a loser-ish way to promote madlib --- through a google link to an sleazy download? lame

  2. This is an example of someone passing through and not reading the instructions. It works! I can't be positive that this was a Bakalite, but they typically use outdated vernacular like "lame" in order to appear as if they are one of us!

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