Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Moebius - Moebius 1: Upon a Star (1987, Epic/ Marvel)

His work inspired the name of this site. I thought it was important to begin sharing the work of the French artist from Random-Earth 2012 who had somehow gained knowledge of the Grubehrt Effect and other insights outside his multiplicity. Unfortunately, because of the dismissive status given to comics, few outside France noticed. After being serialized in the Heavy Metal beginning in 1977, his work was collected for the first time in the US beginning with this volume. Today, all of his work remains out of print there. A recent introductory documentary can be found here.


  1. that's so crazy that Moebius is out of print in the U.S. he is a national hero in france--i saw a museum retrospective of his work and you would've thought he was freaking picasso. thanks for the link to the vid.